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Tracee is the BEST! We met her exactly one month before our wedding – which was taking place at our house. We hadn’t done a spring (summer, fall, or winter) cleaning in over ten years. While we aren’t exactly hoarders, the house (including the garage) was a disaster. She did a thorough assessment of our needs, always listening carefully to understand the best way to manage those needs. She is smart, resourceful, is a tireless worker and always has a smile and positive attitude. Quickly, our residence began to take shape. Everything was organized and labeled to a flawless degree: the kitchen shelves, our home offices, the service porch, closets etc. Things we didn’t need went to goodwill, or sold on craiglist or via an appraiser (e.g. the 500 pound marble fireplace taking up 25% of the garage!). Pictures were framed and mounted (this woman is good with tools!). Suddenly, we not only had room for everything we loved – but we now could find it all. In addition to her unparalleled skill set – she is one of the nicest people we have ever met. The house looked fantastic for our 125 wedding guests – and we were honored that Tracee was one of them. Cannot recommend her more highly – words can’t do justice to what she accomplished. Will definitely be hiring her back for a home refresher course soon!

Mike Werb – Los Angeles, CA

Tracee J is one of those rare finds when you’re looking for a service provider and can’t believe you lucked onto the perfect professional! I almost hate to share any information about her to make sure she’ll be available if I need her again. But it’s not likely my 84-year-old mother will have an estate sale anytime soon, so I’m singing her praises far and wide.

Tracee managed my mother’s estate sale superbly. She took care of everything since I actually live a 6-hour plane ride away. Her skills as a professional organizer are amazing. The house was packed to the gills with 40 years of living-and-never-throwing-anything-away. Tracee sorted and grouped and cleaned and tagged every item for sale. She advertised the sale on the internet (with beautiful pictures of the sale items), in local publications, put up posters, and spread the word among the neighbors. My real estate agent crowed that on the day of the sale the house looked and felt like a festive market bazaar.

Tracee has a wonderful personality and is a joy to work with. She’s an excellent communicator and generously made time to coordinate visits with the real estate agent who was preparing the house for sale. At one point, she even called the gas company to have them relight an extinguished oven pilot.

In the end, the sale yielded much more than I expected – and I got a receipt for every transaction! She arranged for the unsold items to be donated to charity and helped me put a value on them for tax purposes.

What more can I say? If Tracee lived nearby, I would hire her in a minute to organize my house!

Charles H. E. Ault, Narberth, Pennsylvania

Dear Tracee,

It was nice of you to follow up with me. I’m glad you called, so that I could thank you again for the absolutely AMAZING job you did packing
and organizing my move. I really found out what a great job you did when I unpacked, as everything was organized to a “T”… so I was up
and running in my new place in a short time. Your services should be considered a necessity for any move!! Again, GREAT JOB!!!

Dan Cecil, Los Angeles

Dear Tracee,

I just received the best gift ever – the Gift of Organization by Tracee J! I am so impressed by your organizational skills and what you
ACCOMPLISHED in my basement and attic in such a short period of time is nothing short of incredible.

You uncovered items in my attic that I had completely forgotten I had. Now that everything is compartmentalized by category and season, it
will make easy access. My attic looks like it doubled in size!

Having stored three generations of dishes, cookware and gadgets in my basement, it had become so overwhelming that it was too much
of an effort to try and keep things in order. As you pointed out, I have enough paper products for outdoor entertaining to last a lifetime.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for organizing my life. The next time I have the opportunity to give a gift to someone, I will certainly be
purchasing the “Gift of Organization” by Tracee J.

Many thanks.

Linda L’Hommedieu, Long Valley

I hired Tracee J to help me out with the accumulated mess in my apartment.
My kitchen had become increasingly difficult to navigate – with miscellaneous boxes and clutter taking up a significant portion of the
already narrow floor space in my galley kitchen. We agreed that the kitchen would be our starting place – project #1!
I cook a lot (!!) and felt rather territorial about the re-organization of my kitchen. However, Tracee was able to bring fresh eyes and ideas to
the job and move things in such a way that the changes were both more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing! (which is very important
to me!)
Tracee is a whirlwind of energy! She’s warm, engaging and fun to work with! She throws herself into her work!!
The kitchen project was not without some degree of stress – as ideas & solutions clashed. Still, the boxes and accumulation from years of
daily life were cleaned up. The kitchen felt new and REBORN! That evening, I awoke in the middle of the night, I felt a rush of excitement,
as thoughts of the events of the day flooded my sleepy brain.
Following my excitement I found myself walking slowly toward the kitchen. I sat down in the half dark room – just looking. I sat and looked
for about 20 minutes. The white tile floor, newly exposed, glistened expansively. What a thing to behold! The changes and improvements
have given me lasting peace of mind and enjoyment. I’ve worked with Tracee two more times since. It’s always a pleasure and an
Working with her has been the best gift I’ve given to myself.

Sandra Frankel, Los Angeles

To Prospective Clients,

What else can I say but “I love Tracee and her work.” Not only does she have fantastic design sense, she is fun to work with. I don’t know
about you, but I think changing your home should be fun.
She has a terrific work ethic and makes sure the job is perfect. My apartment had sat dull and boring for 10 years. Tracee came over and in
less than ½ hour, she had great ideas for design and color. She wanted to do the colors that were in my head and she just somehow
knew that.
I love my apartment now and having it so nice and pretty, it makes me keep it dusted and picked up better.
You cannot go wrong with having her do your home, whether it is design ideas, colors and/or organizing, she is the best. And you will
definitely get your moneys worth.

Terri Browne, Very satisfied customer, Burbank

ACCOMPLISHED with Tracee J did a wonderful job organizing my home. She was so helpful and energetic about planning how to get
things under control and made great suggestions. She brought all of the supplies needed to organize socks, undergarments, jewelry,
shoes, purses, makeup, etc. right down to the bobby pins!

She was very respectful of all my precious possessions that I just could not bear to part with.

It was so wonderful to know that she was taking care of all this while I was doing other things like running errands. Also, my dog likes her!!

You will not be disappointed with her work. She helped me so much. I love knowing exactly where everything is and can locate it easily.

Monica McLaughlin, W. Toluca Lake

To whom it may concern,

After doing an amazing job in helping me to organize my wardrobe, I can highly recommend Tracee J of “Accomplished”. She is not only
smart and organized, she accomplished the task of meeting my fashion needs in a timely manner.

Tracee was able to focus immediately on my problem as soon as I explained to her what I wanted done.

There is no doubt in my mind that she can meet any organizational problems presented to her. She has vast experience in business,
fashion and organization in commercial & residential fields.

Esther Silon, Beverly Hills

To whom it may concern,

I consider myself a very organized person. Between work and kids my home hasn’t received that attention it needs. One place that
definitely needed Tracee’s help was my outdoor shed. I had everything packed in there including the kitchen sink…or parts thereof!

Tracee went immediately to work. She has a very good “bedside manner” in helping me categorize items and whether I really needed
them or not. When all was said and done, she completely re-organized the shed to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye in no time. She is
an expert at separating all the items into like-kind categories. In doing that, one can just open the doors and see everything nicely
displayed so it can be easily located. It all makes sense!

She worked very efficiently and I enjoyed helping her and getting tips as we went along. When she was all finished, we looked at what was
discarded and I found that it was mostly old cardboard boxes! It took the genius of Tracee to show me that I really didn’t have to get rid of
many items but just consolidate and put “like with like”.

I am so please with my shed now I don’t dread opening it up to search for things that took forever to find! THANK YOU Tracee!!!

Linda Hertsgard, Los Angeles

I have always considered myself a pretty organized person and recently went through a major clutter clearing and didn’t think I needed a
professional organizer. When I decided to convert a bedroom into a home office, I found myself struggling with how to handle a closet with
sliding glass doors. I had numerous personal items stored there – ranging from gift wrap supplies to family memorabilia to a Halloween
costume (and a treadmill!) – and really had no other area where I could store them. Yet I needed to use at least a part of it for my new
home business.

Tracee came in and in no time focused in on the problem and discussed possible solutions for me. She was very conscious of my budget
and informed me of the different types of available materials and how their choice would impact the cost.

Once we agreed on a plan, she went to work. I was surprised at the amount of work involved in what I considered a fairly simple and small
job. Tracee not only worked very hard, but she was always looking for ways to make the project better AND save me money.

I guess my biggest surprises were the simple, yet creative ideas she came up with that had never occurred to me. She’s got a great mix of
seeing the big picture AND being very detail oriented. I’m thrilled with my project and would definitely recommend Tracee J of

Susan Jaffe, Studio City

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure to recommend to you the accomplished Ms. Tracee Jacobs.

I was dying to meet Tracee because my neighbour couldn’t wait to pull me into her apartment and show me what miracles Tracee was performing when Tracee had just stepped out to purchase more items needed for the complete reorganizing of Tali’s place, including her little five year old boy’s room, with the goal of creating order out of chaos, and she succeeded.

Immediately within being introduced to Tracee in person the following day, right in the middle of accomplishing the otherwise impossible act of piecing together a sawn-in-half piece of furniture too large to enter the passageway, I knew that Tracee possessed extraordinary talents that nobody else would ever dream up or think of in a million years! I was handed Tracee’s business card and smiled at the slogan, ACCOMPLISHED, for in fact, Tracee not only is accomplished, she is calm, has great poise, instilling confidence all with the air of perfection.

Her confidence, knowledge and portfolio prove to be outstanding. The best efforts by which you are sure to gain Tracee’s trust in taking you on as a client, would be to realize how professional Tracee is, and to respect her integrity.

Furthermore, Tracee speaks candidly, lovingly and is always on time!
Any person or company will be extremely pleased with the results.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me directly.

Janine Laura

Janine Laura

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Tracee J with Accomplished. Her organizational skills are second to none. Tracee transformed our garage from a cluttered storage space to a beautifully organized area where there is a place for everything – including our cars.

As well as possessing outstanding organizational skills, Tracee is a dependable, enthusiastic professional, and she possesses extreme integrity. We were very comfortable leaving Tracee alone in our home. We found her to be completely trustworthy and respectful of our possessions.
Please accept this letter as an endorsement of the services provided by Tracee. It is with great confidence that I recommend Tracee to anyone who may need her services. Should you require any more information, please feel free to contact me at (number removed).

Jeanette Jones, Purveyors of Time

I had just walked through my fathers’ house as I had done so many times before. The difference this time was I was looking at a large 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, Living Room and Front Office full to capacity with stuff.

I didn’t know what to do. Luckily for me I had lunch with a good friend who couldn’t stop talking about Tracee. I was told Tracee did this fabulous job of taking over the Estate Sale for his mother’s house.

I called immediately and my life was returned to me by Tracee. We met, we talked and a feeling of calm and trust came over me.

She took over everything…she kept in touch and handled everything as if it was for a family member. I can’t even think what I would have done without Tracee. She priced, tagged, displayed and over saw every move, even sale slips marked for taxes. Tracee took the sale to the end and arranged for a charity pick up for what was left.

I will be forever grateful for her kindness, integrity, professionalism and friendship during the hardest time I ever experienced.
Thank You Tracee from the bottom of my heart.


Carolann Caven

P.S. Thanks for the job on my Garage which after you arranged and dumped I can park my car in it now!

Carolann Caven

Tracee Jacobs is the person you want to guide you through the stress of running your Estate Sale. She organizes your merchandise, prices, advertises and runs the sale smoothly so you can rest assured that this normal difficult process is in the right hands. She also walks that extra mile for you. Not many people do that now days. We are beyond grateful to Tracee.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Honstrater

I never got the chance to thank you for such a great job you did liquidating Maray’s belongings. You were so professional, cordial and organized. You took the ‘Estate Sale’ genre to a new level. You treated the merchandise like it was your own!
Good luck on the next one and let me know if you need any references…I’ll only have great things to say about you.

Jeff Schermer, Broker, Dilbeck Estates, an Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International

Dear Tracee,

We cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job you did for us with mom’s Estate Sale.

From the moment you walked in the door for the interview we knew you were the right person for the seemingly overwhelming job that lay ahead of us. What we did not know at that moment was how you would throw your entire mind, body and soul into this project. The care you showed for the belongings that were collected by mom and dad over their 95 years of life was as though they belonged to your own parents.

By keeping us informed every step of the way, we were never left wondering what you were doing. You are innovative, thought of everything and then some, and the details were meticulously handled. You identified buyers from your list of contacts who came in ahead of the actual sale and that helped maximize the values. We know you did not sleep near the end because you were exploring every avenue to sell all the items left after the sale.

The end result is that the entire home was emptied of all the belongings and we ended up with a lot more money than we ever thought we would get. You certainly went above and beyond our expectations. Your company’s name, Accomplished, is certainly appropriate.

Tracee, you have become part of our family and we love you and thank you so much for everything.


Mike and Ramona Mucciolo

To Whom it May Concern,
I am glad to have this opportunity to say a good word for Tracee.

I recently had the pleasure of using her services for an estate sale. I have an aging relative who sold her house the first week it was on the market and we had a 30-day escrow. I needed to help as I live in the San Diego area and my relative’s house was in Glendale. My realtor found Tracee to help me. She helped organize the house for an estate sale or for storage. She handled the estate sale and I didn’t even have to be there. I was so impressed with her skills. I couldn’t have done it without her expertise. She was always ready, willing and able.

I am certain you will find Tracee capable, energetic, extremely organized, and resourceful – and, I would like to add, a woman of integrity.

Sandra Lehmkuhl

We are so pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation and affirmation for the excellent work done for us by Tracee Jacobs. Her business, Accomplished, was recommended to us by our realtor last year when we served as trustees for the estate of a good friend.

The job which we were entrusted with proved to be monumental. What to take to the thrift store, trying to decide how to dispose of household furnishings and appliances?, should there be an estate sale and how to hold it? were questions that seemed to have no answers until we found Tracee. Time soon became an important issue as there were improvements to be made to the house before it could be listed and first the ‘stuff’ needed to be cleared out.

Tracee came by the house and met with us, did an evaluation and agreed to take on the project. She worked quickly, organizing everything, and within two weeks was ready to hold an estate sale which she handled completely. She brought in tables and created an attractive atmosphere for showing items for sale. She arranged for removal of items which did not sell.

We were pleased with the amount of money the sale raised and the percentage that Tracee received was certainly well earned. The improvements to the house were able to be started shortly after the sale.

Deanne was so happy with our ‘miracle worker’ that she had her come and present a program for a church group. In this seminar Tracee was able to inform folks about organizing important papers, what papers are not necessary to keep, how to de-clutter your house and much more.

We would certainly call upon Accomplished again and have recommended her to others. Her gifts and talents for organization and sales are wonderful.

Charlie and Deanne Cox

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how incredible you are. There is no way we could have accomplished what you did ever! I feel blessed that you came into our lives at a very hard time. Dealing with loved one’s belongings, sorting, cleaning and selling them to strangers is a difficult task. You made this process possible. I know my parents were looking down on us with pride with the way their estate was handled! This was a huge feat! Sixty years of collecting. I know I don’t have to tell you how much ‘stuff’ they had. You sorted, dusted, washed and put back together over, I would have to say, what, like 1000 items. You put so much of yourself into it, like bringing your own tables, hiring the security guard, your own bags! Not to mention that all those items were tagged! Unbelievable! You are AMAZING! Anyone that is lucky enough to happen upon you will never be disappointed! I thanked God several times for sending you to me. That’s how I feel. Like it was a gift from God. I would recommend you to anyone at any time! Please feel free to use me as a reference. I only hope that our paths cross again. Forever grateful for you bring closure to my parents wonderful lives! So hard to say good-bye. I will never forget you!

Patti Kronlund