Janine Laura

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure to recommend to you the accomplished Ms. Tracee Jacobs.

I was dying to meet Tracee because my neighbour couldn’t wait to pull me into her apartment and show me what miracles Tracee was performing when Tracee had just stepped out to purchase more items needed for the complete reorganizing of Tali’s place, including her little five year old boy’s room, with the goal of creating order out of chaos, and she succeeded.

Immediately within being introduced to Tracee in person the following day, right in the middle of accomplishing the otherwise impossible act of piecing together a sawn-in-half piece of furniture too large to enter the passageway, I knew that Tracee possessed extraordinary talents that nobody else would ever dream up or think of in a million years! I was handed Tracee’s business card and smiled at the slogan, ACCOMPLISHED, for in fact, Tracee not only is accomplished, she is calm, has great poise, instilling confidence all with the air of perfection.

Her confidence, knowledge and portfolio prove to be outstanding. The best efforts by which you are sure to gain Tracee’s trust in taking you on as a client, would be to realize how professional Tracee is, and to respect her integrity.

Furthermore, Tracee speaks candidly, lovingly and is always on time!
Any person or company will be extremely pleased with the results.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me directly.

Janine Laura