Charles H. E. Ault, Narberth, Pennsylvania

Tracee J is one of those rare finds when you’re looking for a service provider and can’t believe you lucked onto the perfect professional! I almost hate to share any information about her to make sure she’ll be available if I need her again. But it’s not likely my 84-year-old mother will have an estate sale anytime soon, so I’m singing her praises far and wide.

Tracee managed my mother’s estate sale superbly. She took care of everything since I actually live a 6-hour plane ride away. Her skills as a professional organizer are amazing. The house was packed to the gills with 40 years of living-and-never-throwing-anything-away. Tracee sorted and grouped and cleaned and tagged every item for sale. She advertised the sale on the internet (with beautiful pictures of the sale items), in local publications, put up posters, and spread the word among the neighbors. My real estate agent crowed that on the day of the sale the house looked and felt like a festive market bazaar.

Tracee has a wonderful personality and is a joy to work with. She’s an excellent communicator and generously made time to coordinate visits with the real estate agent who was preparing the house for sale. At one point, she even called the gas company to have them relight an extinguished oven pilot.

In the end, the sale yielded much more than I expected – and I got a receipt for every transaction! She arranged for the unsold items to be donated to charity and helped me put a value on them for tax purposes.

What more can I say? If Tracee lived nearby, I would hire her in a minute to organize my house!