Linda Hertsgard, Los Angeles

To whom it may concern,

I consider myself a very organized person. Between work and kids my home hasn’t received that attention it needs. One place that
definitely needed Tracee’s help was my outdoor shed. I had everything packed in there including the kitchen sink…or parts thereof!

Tracee went immediately to work. She has a very good “bedside manner” in helping me categorize items and whether I really needed
them or not. When all was said and done, she completely re-organized the shed to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye in no time. She is
an expert at separating all the items into like-kind categories. In doing that, one can just open the doors and see everything nicely
displayed so it can be easily located. It all makes sense!

She worked very efficiently and I enjoyed helping her and getting tips as we went along. When she was all finished, we looked at what was
discarded and I found that it was mostly old cardboard boxes! It took the genius of Tracee to show me that I really didn’t have to get rid of
many items but just consolidate and put “like with like”.

I am so please with my shed now I don’t dread opening it up to search for things that took forever to find! THANK YOU Tracee!!!