Mike Werb – Los Angeles, CA

Tracee is the BEST! We met her exactly one month before our wedding – which was taking place at our house. We hadn’t done a spring (summer, fall, or winter) cleaning in over ten years. While we aren’t exactly hoarders, the house (including the garage) was a disaster. She did a thorough assessment of our needs, always listening carefully to understand the best way to manage those needs. She is smart, resourceful, is a tireless worker and always has a smile and positive attitude. Quickly, our residence began to take shape. Everything was organized and labeled to a flawless degree: the kitchen shelves, our home offices, the service porch, closets etc. Things we didn’t need went to goodwill, or sold on craiglist or via an appraiser (e.g. the 500 pound marble fireplace taking up 25% of the garage!). Pictures were framed and mounted (this woman is good with tools!). Suddenly, we not only had room for everything we loved – but we now could find it all. In addition to her unparalleled skill set – she is one of the nicest people we have ever met. The house looked fantastic for our 125 wedding guests – and we were honored that Tracee was one of them. Cannot recommend her more highly – words can’t do justice to what she accomplished. Will definitely be hiring her back for a home refresher course soon!