Sandra Frankel, Los Angeles

I hired Tracee J to help me out with the accumulated mess in my apartment.
My kitchen had become increasingly difficult to navigate – with miscellaneous boxes and clutter taking up a significant portion of the
already narrow floor space in my galley kitchen. We agreed that the kitchen would be our starting place – project #1!
I cook a lot (!!) and felt rather territorial about the re-organization of my kitchen. However, Tracee was able to bring fresh eyes and ideas to
the job and move things in such a way that the changes were both more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing! (which is very important
to me!)
Tracee is a whirlwind of energy! She’s warm, engaging and fun to work with! She throws herself into her work!!
The kitchen project was not without some degree of stress – as ideas & solutions clashed. Still, the boxes and accumulation from years of
daily life were cleaned up. The kitchen felt new and REBORN! That evening, I awoke in the middle of the night, I felt a rush of excitement,
as thoughts of the events of the day flooded my sleepy brain.
Following my excitement I found myself walking slowly toward the kitchen. I sat down in the half dark room – just looking. I sat and looked
for about 20 minutes. The white tile floor, newly exposed, glistened expansively. What a thing to behold! The changes and improvements
have given me lasting peace of mind and enjoyment. I’ve worked with Tracee two more times since. It’s always a pleasure and an
Working with her has been the best gift I’ve given to myself.