Sandra Lehmkuhl

To Whom it May Concern,
I am glad to have this opportunity to say a good word for Tracee.

I recently had the pleasure of using her services for an estate sale. I have an aging relative who sold her house the first week it was on the market and we had a 30-day escrow. I needed to help as I live in the San Diego area and my relative’s house was in Glendale. My realtor found Tracee to help me. She helped organize the house for an estate sale or for storage. She handled the estate sale and I didn’t even have to be there. I was so impressed with her skills. I couldn’t have done it without her expertise. She was always ready, willing and able.

I am certain you will find Tracee capable, energetic, extremely organized, and resourceful – and, I would like to add, a woman of integrity.