Susan Jaffe, Studio City

I have always considered myself a pretty organized person and recently went through a major clutter clearing and didn’t think I needed a
professional organizer. When I decided to convert a bedroom into a home office, I found myself struggling with how to handle a closet with
sliding glass doors. I had numerous personal items stored there – ranging from gift wrap supplies to family memorabilia to a Halloween
costume (and a treadmill!) – and really had no other area where I could store them. Yet I needed to use at least a part of it for my new
home business.

Tracee came in and in no time focused in on the problem and discussed possible solutions for me. She was very conscious of my budget
and informed me of the different types of available materials and how their choice would impact the cost.

Once we agreed on a plan, she went to work. I was surprised at the amount of work involved in what I considered a fairly simple and small
job. Tracee not only worked very hard, but she was always looking for ways to make the project better AND save me money.

I guess my biggest surprises were the simple, yet creative ideas she came up with that had never occurred to me. She’s got a great mix of
seeing the big picture AND being very detail oriented. I’m thrilled with my project and would definitely recommend Tracee J of